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Initial Meeting

Schedule your initial phone meeting by sending an email. We work Monday-Friday from 9-5.  Just provide a few times that work in your schedule along with your phone number and we will call to discuss your project.


We offer a one-hour home visit to qualified clients after the initial phone meeting for a fee of $250.00.  We will gather information from you about specifics of what you want remodeled as well as gather pictures and general information about the as-build conditions.


Design Proposal

Next, we prepare a formal design proposal that outlines the project scope or work, deliverables, and associated fees for your approval.

Next Steps

Upon your approval of a concept plan, we develop your full set of detailed drawings to allow your prospective contractor(s) to prepare a bid for your project. 


  • Scaled Design-Intent Plans professionally drawn using advanced CAD software.

  • Project Materials Specifications Booklet

  • Paint and Finish Plan

Bidding and Construction Phase


We meet with you & your prospective contractor(s) to fully review plans in order to obtain bids.​

During Construction

We will regularly visit your project site during construction and be available to consult with you as to whether or not what is being constructed is as planned and up to quality standards.

Additional Help

  • Window blinds and custom draperies.

  • Furniture Planning

  • Art & Accessory Consultation.

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