Ansley Park Tour Of Homes

Event recap

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We recently sponsored the ANSLEY PARK TOUR of Homes near our showroom. Here are a few pictures of Roya deVries and Shane Evans (our designers) who worked the guest reception area where they had a Muffins and Mimossa welcoming event. After brunch guests began the one mile leisurely tour around Ansley Park, one of Atlanta’s favorite neighborhoods.

Ansley Park Tour Of Homes

Oct 20 and Oct 21 noon to 2 PM

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We're thrilled to tell you that Domestic Comfort is a sponsor of this year's Ansley Park tour of homes.Start your tour at Colony House with complimentary muffins and mimosas (with ticket). While you're enjoying brunch, stop by several fabulously remodeled condos and enjoy their views of Ansley Park from above.  Order tickets here.

Dining Table Shapes: Round

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Round dining tables are perfect for small spaces and help create a more intimate setting by encouraging converstion. The round shape and lack of sharp edges is ideal for home-owners with smaller families and young children. Unlike rectangular tables everyone can easily see and interact with one another. Browse some of the fan-favorite round tables available at our showroom.


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